Car Free Day Stage


Cam Blake’s dynamic music influences have given him the ability to fuse a wide range of genres including R&B and indie, alternative and psychedelic rock, into his music. Cam has spent his entire life around music, starting to write and perform as early as 8 years old. For the past few years he’s logged countless hours in the studio writing and recording.


While Cam Blake has been honing his studio chops working on his and other artist projects, he has also been performing live. Before the pandemic, Cam and his band played shows all over Vancouver. They went on to be the semi-finalists in the Elevate Music Project in 2020. After over two years of lockdowns, Cam is beyond excited to return to the stage. 


Cam Blake continues to grow as a producer, musician and performer and is presently working on his second full length album. In the midst of the craziness in the last two years. Cam released his debut album ‘Bad Vacation’, since its release, the album has gained over 100k streams (as of 2022) on Spotify. 

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