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6:30 PM

Mikey Jose is a Filipino-Canadian singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC. Mikey picked up a passion for writing music early on; at 15, he composed, arranged, and orchestrated 15 songs for his first original musical, entitled “Right Here, Write Now!”. This production was shown 10 times in 3 cities and raised $300K for local and global charities. 

Recently, Mikey’s soulful vocals have captured the attention of highly anticipated rising stars, including an invitation to open for American Idol alum, Clark Beckham, on his recent nationwide “LightYear Tour 2020”, and a feature on British neo-soul artist Sam Wills’ upcoming collaborative EP. Currently pursuing his Masters in Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia, Mikey continues to sing/songwriter, with his debut single, Stay @ Home, having amassed >250K streams in 79 countries within 9 months and with no marketing spend. Later this year, Mikey is set to release his debut EP entitled, “Hindsight”, a collection of songs that encapsulates his unique sound, finding the balance between melody and meaning in a soulful RnB/pop fusion.

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