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Moving City

are an exceptionally gifted band built from long-time collaborators Andrew Facciolo and Logan Shaw. Their music weaves the rebellion of 70s rock and roll with the lyrical warmth of modern folk all through the prism of raw talent. Their sound is packed with warmth, depth and passion. Moving City’s instantly addictive songs cling onto listeners tight and never quite let go. They stir up an array of elusive emotions through their gentle yet moving sound. 

Andrew (lead vocals, guitar) and Logan (vocals, guitar) fatefully connected in 2013 while apartment hunting in the ever-expensive town of Toronto. The Barrie (Ontario) born boys have always been attracted to the artistic nature of big cities. If the Canadian housing crisis is good for one thing, it’s bringing people together like these music makers who decided to become roommates. They quickly discovered they share a similar unyielding and passionate creative vision. They didn’t know exactly what they wanted but they knew they wanted to veer off the linear trajectory of normalcy together. Eventually, the triumph that is Moving City was born and landed in Vancouver.

They released their stunning debut album “2308” in 2020 which was an excellent introduction of their impressive and distinctive work. The emotionally generous record emulates tender tales of friendship and self-discovery. This was shortly followed by the edgier “Little Dogs” in 2021 which boldly explores heavy and hazy soundscapes without escaping their distinguished flair of comfort. Sounding at home among the generations of indie folk rockers that came before them, from CSNY and Tom Petty to Kurt Vile and The War on Drugs, Moving City truly put their own stamp on the genre. The evolution between their first and second records show us a band who will always be pushing themselves stylistically, and are growing more confident by the day.

The duo have now established a fully flushed band consisting of the accomplished Madison Norton, Jan Toren and Chris Johnson who also lays down his revered recording and producing chops to everything Moving City. The ever-passionate band is always refining their perpetual material. Their upcoming album “Nightflash” is yet another gem in the sparkling sea of Moving City. Stay tuned for their frequent performances around Vancouver, this electrifying new album and in the meantime- binge their previously released material, you won’t regret it.

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