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From the hills of Vancouver, BC comes a sound that couldn’t be matched by the greatest West Coast Storm. Meet rock band, Redwoods. Their music fuses the best parts of soul, alternative and classic rock and roll, with lyrics that pair perfectly with earth-shattering musicality. Redwoods is the true epitome of a powerhouse 4-piece. The raging fire of sound which burns beneath Devon Webber’s soaring and soulful vocals is a blend we have trouble finding in today’s music. A band which sticks true to their rock god influences but at the same time leads their own march in search of a diverse rock-and-roll sound. 80’s inspired classic, crunchy guitar riffs and jaw-dropping solos are always on the menu, as well as the down-right heavy rock tones and melodies heard from bands such as Audioslave, Foo Fighters and Big Wreck. Redwoods’ performances are notoriously fun, sweaty and infectious. They breathe electricity into each member of the room like a contagious rock-and-roll virus.

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